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#3E6E90 “rgb”: [62,110,144] 32030 bleu céruléen 31, shade: Blue
The powerful cerulean. Appears dynamic and attracts the attention

#697DAE “rgb”: [103,157,174] 32031 céruléen vif shade: Blue
The luminous cerulean. Warm, sensual, Mediterranean. The colour tends towards the observer

#8AB5BA “rgb”: [138,181,186] 32032 céruléen moyen  shade: Blue
The summery sky. Static, does not come forward anymore. The first mural ‘Sky’ shade

#A8C4C1 “rgb”: [168,196,193] 32033 céruléen clair shade: Blue
The sky reflected in the water. Subordinates itself. The second mural ‘Sky’ shade

#C6CBCC “rgb”: [198,213,204] name 32034 céruléen pâle shade: Blue
The sky reflected in ocean waves. Somewhat greenish. The third mural ‘Sky’ colour shade

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