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#FFDBC0, 32001 blanc, White, “The cream white. Balanced, with stable aesthetics. The first mural ‘Velvet’ shade”
#5E6061, 32010 gris foncé 31, Grey & Black, “The iron grey. Soft, warm, expressive. The darkest shade of 1931”
#929494, 32011 gris 31, Grey & Black, “The medium grey. Elegant and restrained. It can place the walls into shadow”
#A7A8A5 32012 gris moyen Grey & Black, “The discreet grey. Natural, neutral, discreetly calm. The second ‘Velvet’ shade”
#BCBBB6  32013 gris clair 31, Grey & Black, “The pearl grey. Weakly luminescent and airy. The third mural ‘Velvet’ shade”

#4D6AA8, 32020 bleu outremer 31 Blue, “The luminous ultramarin. Dynamic, imposing and much in demand”
#8FABC9, 32021 outremer moyen, Blue, “The lucent sky blue. Like the sky on a clear, sunny day in summer”
#ABBDC8, outremer clair, Blue, “The brightened ultramarine. A space atmosphere that loosens up. The first ‘Space’ shade”
#6BCC6CE, 32023 outremer pâle, Blue, “The light ultramarine. An atmosphere that recedes gently. The second ‘Space’ shade”
#D9E1DD, 32024 outremer gris, Blue, “The blue grey. The imagination. A restrained atmosphere. The third ‘Space’ shade”
#3E6E90, 32030 bleu céruléen 31, Blue, “The powerful cerulean. Appears dynamic and attracts the attention”
#697DAE, 32031 céruléen vif, Blue,”The luminous cerulean.Warm, sensual, Mediterranean. The colour tends towards the observer”
#8AB5BA, 32032 céruléen moyen, Blue, “The summery sky. Static, does not come forward anymore. The first mural ‘Sky’ shade”
#A8C4C1, 32033 céruléen clair, Blue, “The sky reflected in the water. Subordinates itself. The second mural ‘Sky’ shade”
#C6CBCC, 32034 céruléen pâle, Blue, “The sky reflected in ocean waves. Somewhat greenish. The third mural ‘Sky’ colour shade”

#406E58 32040 vert anglais, Green, “The english green. Reminds of aristocracy, also of freshness of the forest”
#91B0A1, 32041 vert anglais clair, Green, “The slightly greyed english green. Like a discreet Verona green”
#BECBB7, 32042 vert anglais pâle, Green, “The mild grey green. The colour shade links retentively to the landscape”
#3E6F42, 32050 vert foncé, Green, “The rich brilliant green. A deep and very neutral green; expressing the summer”
#7FA25A, 32051 vert 31, Green, “The vernal green. Very expressive. The first tone of the ‘Scenery’ atmosphere”
#ABC17A, 32052 vert clair, Green, “The green of spring. Natural and fruitful. The second shade representing ‘Scenery’”
#C4D39B, 32053 vert jaune clair, Green,”The pale green.Gentle, smooth and balance. 3. tone with the mural value of ‘Scenery’”

#EACFA6, 32060 ocre Ochre & Yellow, “The natural sand. Restrained and very elegant. 1. tone with mural value of ‘Sand’”
#D46C40, 32080 orange, Orange, “The shiny orange. A dynamic, youthful and optimistic colour”
#DC9067,32081 orange clair,Orange, “The orange apricot. A dynamic, touching and consistently attractive ton”
#EACFB9, 32082 orange pâle, Orange “The sandy orange. Earthy, gentle and constructive. The second mural ‘Sand’ colour”

#9B3738, 32090 rouge vermillon 31, Red, “The deep dynamic red. Or the luminescent vermilion red”
#E6CDBF, 32091 rose pâle, Red, “The gentle pink. Earthy, warm and restrained. The first shade with ‘Masonry’ significance”
#8F3A43, 32100 rouge carmin, Red, “The noble carmine red. Steeped in history, dignified and brilliant”
#943A39, 32101 rouge rubia, Red, “The artistic red. The tradition-rich red of famous painters”
#D6AFA6, 32102 rose clair, Red, “The bright pink. Or the medium dynamic rose”
#8B4D3E 32110 l’ocre rouge, Red ochre & Brown, “The red of ancient architecture. An earthy and deeply luminescent nuance”
#CD9886, 32111 l’ocre rouge moyen, Red ochre & Brown, “The medium Terracotta.Earthy and warm tone, emphasises comfort”
#DBBEAA, 32112 l’ocre rouge clair, Red ochre & Brown, “Bright red ochre. Earthy and stable.2. shade with ‘Masonry’ significance”
#68443C, 32120 terre sienne brûlée 31,Red ochre & Brown, “The deeply burnt sienna. It fixes the wall impressively”
#B67B66, 32121 terre sienne brique, Red ochre & Brown, “The light brick red. Suited for timeless colour combinations”
#D8B29A, 32122 terre sienne claire 31 “Red ochre & Brown, “The colour of the summery masonry. Loamy + soft. 3.‘Masonry’ shade”
#2ECBB5, 32123 terre sienne pâle, Red ochre & Brown”,“The pale sienna. A sandy, discreet and stable colour shade”

#4C423D”rgb”: [76,66,61],”name”: “32130 terre d’ombre brûlée 31, Umber,“The marron. Deeply red brown, burnt. Like a chestnut”

#B7A392, 32131 ombre brûlée claire, Umber,“The burnt umber. An ideal background colour. 3. shade with mural value of ‘Sand’”

#5A5550, 32140 ombre naturelle 31, Umber”, “The dark natural umber. An elegant brown grey colour”

#928A7E, 32141 ombre naturelle moyenne, “Umber”, “The grey brown natural umber. A balanced, aesthetic and appealing colour”

#B7AC9D, 32142 ombre naturelle claire, Umber “The discrete natural umber. As shadow colour, ideal for combinations”

#AC443A, 4320A rouge vermillon 59, Red, “The cinnabar red. A fiery shade which catches the eye and reduces the space”

#eAE4D7, 4320B blanc ivoire, White, “The ivory white. Elegant, charming, chalky. The calm background colour”

#DBA3AF, 4320C rose vif, Red, “The luminous pink. Less earthy and mostly used as complement to other luscious colours”

#744438, 4320D terre sienne brûlée 59, Red ochre & Brown, “The deep brown sienna. A burnt, rich, dynamic and stable colour tone”

#3A3A3B, 4320E noir d’ivoire,shade, Grey & Black, “Ivory black. Black as night. Le Corbusier’s only, impressive black tone”

#B8A136, 4320F vert olive vif, Green, “The olive green. Green yellow or yellow green? A unique classic”

#428F70, 4320G vert 59, Green, “The emerald green. A dynamic shade with luminous power”

#818F8B, 4320H gris 59, Grey & Black, “The dynamic medium grey. It reacts stable and dynamic in any light”

#460C3A, 4320J terre d’ombre brûlée 59,Umber, “The dark burnt umber. Resembles mahogany. It can camouflage and hide”

#3957A5, 4320K bleu outremer 59, Blue, “The spectacular ultramarine. An impressive colour shade which moves worlds”

#DBB07F, 4320L ocre jaune clair, Ochre & Yellow, “The golden ochre. A deep, powerful and very present colour tone”

#74395B, 4320M le rubis,Red, “The ruby. It is darksome and shining, velvety, festive and luxurious”

#7AA7CB, 4320N bleu céruléen 59, Blue, “Represents sky and sea. The colour shade is virtually infinitely combinable”

#92969A, 4320O gris clair 59, Grey & Black, “The grey in the morning. Somewhat cool. It is receding in contrast to white”

#DDBF99, 4320P terre sienne claire 59, Ochre & Yellow, “The natural sienna ochre. Earthy, warm and softer than yellow”

#45423E, 4320R ombre naturelle 59, Umber, “The deeply dark natural umber. Camouflaging, emphasising other colours”

#C45E3A, 4320S orange vif, Orange, “The powerful orange. Saturated and energetic. It steps forward and unfolds bold effects”

#313D6B, 4320T bleu outremer foncé, Blue, “The profound ultramarine blue. A fascinating shade which reflects infinity”
#60646A, 4320U gris foncé 59, “Grey & Black”, “The dark grey. Strong, rich and close to a metallic effect”

#F2BB1D, 4320W le jaune vif, “Ochre & Yellow”, “The yellow colour of the sun. It shines impressively in good light”

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